Are Products from Lazada Legit/Authentic?

First time ordering from Lazada?

If you had no experience in buying online specifically from Lazada Philippines and you’re planning to buy one from them you would definitely want to know first if the products they sell are authentic/original or not. Specially gadgets and appliances which are very pricey you don’t want to waste your money for something you don’t want.

If your problem is that you don’t trust them with your money and you want the item to be delivered to your house first before paying, no worries they have Cash on Delivery payment wherein you will only hand the payment to the delivery guy. Read More


Lazada Philippines Review

I have been ordering at Lazada Philippines for different kinds of items and I’ve never had any problems with them with the payment, product quality, delivery etc.

Well all know the benefits of shopping online, you don’t have to commute to the mall thus you can save taxi or jeepney fair.  Also if you are buying bulky applicances or furnitures you will save money renting trucks to deliver it to your house. Read More